Upgrading TFS Template From Agile to Scrum

Repost from Jacky Zhou’s blog http://blog.zhouwenyang.com/upgarding-tfs-template-from-agile-to-scrum/

If you create a TFS Project with Agile template before, but now you would like to use Scrum template. As you may know, TFS doesn’t allow changing exiting project’s process template, yo uwill need the following steps to do the trick:

1. Run the below Power Shell Scripts to import the Scrum template

 $TeamProjectName = “AgileDemo”
 $ProcessTemplateRoot = “C:Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 2013”
 $CollectionUrl = “http://localhost/defaultCollection”
 $WitAdmin = “${env:ProgramFiles(x86)}Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0Common7IDEwitadmin.exe”
 #Rename Requirement
 & $WitAdmin renamewitd /collection:$CollectionUrl /p:$TeamProjectName /n:”User Story” /new:”Product Backlog Item”
 #import all WITD
 $witds = Get-ChildItem “$ProcessTemplateRootWorkItem TrackingTypeDefinitions*.xml”
 foreach( $witd in $witds)
 Write-Host “Importing $witd”
 & $WitAdmin importwitd /collection:$CollectionUrl /p:$TeamProjectName /f:$($witd.FullName)
 #Import Catagories
 & $WitAdmin importcategories /collection:$CollectionUrl /p:$TeamProjectName /f:”$ProcessTemplateRootWorkItem TrackingCategories.xml”
 #Import Process
 & $WitAdmin importprocessconfig /collection:$CollectionUrl /p:$TeamProjectName /f:”$ProcessTemplateRootWorkItem TrackingProcessProcessConfiguration.xml”

2. Fix your Product Backlog Kanban if it’s not working correctly


3. Fix your reports

Delete all report and upload all scrum report and bind shared data source

Troobleshooting: If you cannot run the PowerShell script above, it may cause by the default ExecutionPolicy blocking external (untrusted) scripts, you can run the following command to change this behavior:

Could be PowerShell’s default security level, which (IIRC) will only run signed scripts.
 Try typing this: set-executionpolicy remotesigned

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